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Customer Testimonials for Trust Auto Sales LLC

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Paul Bobo - 2008 GMC Envoy

Really great people at this dealership. I flew 600 miles to buy a clean southern SUV from Trust Auto. Pricing was more than fair. Vehicle condition was just as promised. They treated me and my family with total respect. Hard to find that combination. I would not hesitate to make this trip from Detroit again for another used southern vehicle. -Paul

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David & Cyndy Warnack - 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Caught sight of a beautiful F-250 Super Duty. Called Trust Auto Sales and came out to take a look at it. It looked even better in person! Took a nice long ride and knew that it would be coming home with us. Josh and Todd were willing to negotiate on a reasonable price and we were able to work out a deal. They were true to their word all the way through the deal and even delivered the title quicker than I expected!! Thanks so much for a great experience. Changed my opinion about Used Car Dealers!!! Great job guys!! Will highly recommend you...

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Zavier Shabazz - 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer

For my first time buying a car, this experience was one I won't soon forget & am very thankful for. Even the week before making the purchase, Ashley helped me through financing & getting payments down to my desired amount. She even went out of her way to make sure I knew any & all issues with the vehicle. After working out all the kinks, I made it a plan to make the journey to Tennessee. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted with hospitality & kindness by both Ashley & Todd. Traveling to Murfreesboro from Georgia was almost a 16 hour trip via Greyhound, and they made every second of it worth it. Upon arrival I chopped it up with them and told them about my journey & how enthusiastic I was about the beautiful Mitsubishi Lancer 2015 they had on the lot. After a swift test drive I knew it was the one for me. We went through all the financing & paperwork in the smoothest, easiest way possible. After that & some genuine conversation, the car was ready for me to take home! Todd even threw in $10 for gas because he noticed it was low! When I tell you these are real people selling real cars, I mean it. They're not trying to pressure you or meet a quota. No games, no gimmicks, & no hassle. Thank you very much to Ashley, Todd, & even Josh! I appreciate you all & I'm very thankful for you guys. I know where to go for a car in the future.

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Norm Dozier - 2004 Jaguar X-Type

I called Trust Auto Sales two weeks ago after I saw my dream car advertised by them on CarGurus - an X-type Jaguar at a great price. I had made up my mind to buy a car that Saturday, and I called an Uber to take me to Murfreesboro around 1 pm to buy the car. Lo and behold I found out the CC I use for Uber had been hacked and $1300 taken out of my account. I called Ashley and told her that, instead of coming out to buy a car, I would be spending the next 8 hours recovering my money. She agreed to wait for me - long story short, I got there at 10 pm on a Saturday and Ashley was there, all smiles, standing next to one of the most beautiful Jags I've ever seen. Crazy good price, shiny white, sparkling even in the moonlight, not a scratch on her and an interior that was - perfect. I felt like James Bond when I sat in that car. I bought it on the spot. Ashley was courteous, knowledgeable, smart, full of energy and genuinely happy to see me happy. I met her fiancee Todd a couple days later and their head mechanic Josh. Talk about positive people. The car - low miles (compared to other similar offerings), pristine condition. There was a minor rattle on the right rear brake pad, and I discovered a little hiccup with the exhaust, and even though I bought the car "AS-IS, " she and Todd and their genius mechanic Josh went the extra 1,000 miles to fix the issues to make me happy. They even gave me a Lexus for a loaner for the couple days they worked on it. And they had no obligation to do this. I even mistakenly gave her too much money (we were laughing so hard and having such a good time, we mis-counted) and she GAVE ME THE MONEY BACK! Trust Auto - No Kidding. These folks understand the meaning of the word "integrity." I understand the meaning of the word "loyalty." They have earned my trust and my respect and my loyalty and I will buy my next vehicles here from now on. If it's not on the lot, hopefully they can get it for me. But I'll be driving my baby for some time to come. Also Todd, Ashley and Josh are super-cool, young and vibrant and good business heads on their shoulders. I'm a crochety old guy, and every time I talk to these guys I have a smile on my face (or we're laughing our a----s off.) You should see how she looks in my driveway, how people turn their heads when I drive by. I didn't by the car for that, but it's a nice plus. The car runs like a race car, smooth but tight. POWER! I love this car, I really dig Ashley, Todd and Josh. These are car people... Great people, selling great cars. Hey I drove from Nashville, and it was well worth it to get the car of my dreams, from people I can trust. They make buying a car a pleasant and fun experience. Do yourself a favor.

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Conner Lang - 2010 Toyota Prius

You guys, Ashley and Todd are such genuine people who really invest their time in trying to help you during your car buying experience. They will work with you from start to finish. They collaborate with their team to create wonderful customer service who are completely honest. Please go see them for your next vehicle purchase!

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Lauren Freundl - 2007 Chevrolet Uplander

Trust Auto Sales found me the vehicle I wanted exactly within my price range I gave them. I lived too far to go to see the vehicle they found in person so they used FaceTime and video chatted me, showing me all the way around the vehicle, inside it, and every intricate detail about it. We are super happy with our vehicle!

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Dave Handy - 2009 Mercury Mariner

I cannot recommend these folks highly enough. They were very helpful...way beyond what I found any other dealer or used car dealer to be.

Even though they knew that I was probably not going to get a car from them, they were consistently willing to spend time with me and answer questions about a number of cars that I looked into buying.

Josh, their certified mechanic, checked out and inspected several vehicles from other lots for me. Ashley and Todd the owners, ran several carfax reports for cars from other lots for me as well and helped me understand financing options.

Never any pressure. Just constant cheerful help.

Do yourself a favor and go see Ashley, Todd, Josh and Levi. They offer a very different and improved car shopping experience.

*** Note - Dave Handy did not actually purchase his Mercury Mariner from us. He purchased it from another dealership but we helped him along during the buying and inspection process.

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Katey Sheerer - 2004 Nissan Murano

Awesome! These guys will go to the bat for you and answer any questions without hesitation. I never felt pressured or overwhelmed. They were even super awesome with my 2 and 4 year old running around and became playmates so we could really discuss and look at the vehicles. Definitely would recommend them to everyone. We needed a new car unexpectedly and they helped with the process and took away our stress. Choose these guys!

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Sam Boyd - 2002 Buick Park Avenue

Honest, transparent, no pressure. Ashley was helpful and hospitable in the purchase of my clean and well-maintained 2002 Buick Park Avenue (which I love). She even communicated with me after to make sure the mailed title arrived safe and sound. I drove 90 miles to purchase my car, and I do not regret it one bit. I would highly recommend Trust to anyone, and I am often skeptical of small dealers. There were a variety of vehicles available on the lot. Whether you're purchasing a car for the first time, getting something for your family, or just looking for something else--this is a great place to go. Check out their website or stop by! Thanks again for a great experience!

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Terry Sheets - 2014 Ford Focus

Todd and Ashley are wonderful, caring people, they helped me get a car after other dealerships tried to rip me off. They have great cars, and will help you any way they can. I recommend them to everyone. If you need a car don't think twice go to Trust Auto!!

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Shawn Smith - 2004 Volvo XC70

I wanted to say a few things about Trust Auto Sales....that is that they are honest, fair and more than willing to work a deal to help you get into the vehicle of your choosing. I have purchased numerous vehicles from them over the years and I honestly can say that I will do business with them again. They go over each vehicle to a "T"!
I couldn't be more happy or proud to drive a TRUST AUTO SALES vehicle!!
Check them out online or go by the lot. I guarantee you'll be met with a friendly smile. They want to help you get on the road in a reliable vehicle!!

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Emily Richards - 2013 Ford Focus

If you’re looking for a dealership you can genuinely “trust”, look no further than Trust Auto Sales. Okay I know that was cheesy. I’m not paid for this I promise.

I had the BEST experience with this group. I ran into an emergency situation where I had to leave the state and couldn’t bring my car with me. Tod from Trust Auto Sales assured me that he would be the man to sell my ride and I would have nothing to worry about. He sold it quickly, and saved me some money in the process.

I am so grateful for the hard work that Tod put in to ease my stress. He never worried about his cut or tried to benefit from my struggle. Truly a genuine guy and I would recommend anyone to buy or sell from this company!

*** Note - Emily Richards did not actually buy her Ford Focus at Trust Auto Sales. Instead, we helped her sell it!

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Amy Howard - 2009 Nissan Pathfinder

I had a great experience with Trust Auto Sales. Tod and Ashley were easy to work with and took their time with me. They went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with my purchase and were honest and up front.

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Timothy Dye - 2005 Mazda 6

There’s a reason all the reviews are 5 stars with awesome descriptions, because it’s true. I had an extremely exquisite experience at Trust and definitely recommend going to them, they are trust worthy people who have proven themselves to be hardworking. They went above and beyond what dealerships do. Mrs. Ashley and Mr. Tod were amazing folks to work with during my car buying experience. If you’re simply wondering where to go, just try it out! The people here will make you feel at home!

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Ethan Bundy - 2001 Ford F150

Josh and Tod were great to work with on the sale of my sons first pickup truck. Much Appreciated!

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Stephanie Leaming - 2005 Kia Sedona

I was extremely blessed by the sweet people here and I definitely want to recommend anyone to them and if I ever need a car hopefully not anytime soon… I would certainly go to them again!!!!!

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Leland Hayes - 2001 Toyota Camry

I am not one to share reviews often but feel compelled to do so now. I am in the automotive industry through financing. Shortly after buying my vehicle here I noticed there was a problem. Not only did Todd and Ashley make sure the problem was taken care of within a timely manner, because I live alone they brought the car to me repaired ....where can you find that type of integrity? They stand behind the word Trust !!!

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Michele Ramsey - 2007 Hyundai Tucson

Highly recommend this small business in Murfreesboro! They are off the well known car district path in town but once word gets out, I feel they will become the go to for car shopping! Great business model, straight forward, determined to be honest and helpful and overall fun people to be around! If you are shopping it would be worth your time to stop in and see what they can do for you!

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Heather Dawson - 2010 Kia Rio

Approached these folks on Facebook Marketplace. Was looking for a first car for my daughter. From the first quick reply on a Facebook inquiry, all the way to handing me the keys.....couldn't have asked for a better, more honest, zero BS transaction. I've bought many many vehicles in my time, these folks were the best and most memorable car sellers I've EVER dealt with. THANK YOU AGAIN.

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David Wilhelm - 2007 Toyota Camry

I will always check with Trust Auto Sales first!

My daughter bought her first car today. Trust Auto had the right one, at an amazing price, and were fun to work with. Great people, BUY FROM THEM!

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Devon Bulgin - 2008 Honda Civic

Todd and Ashley are amazing! You will not find a better deal anywhere else. Very informative, engaging, and helpful!

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Brandon Marshall - 2010 Ford Fusion

My experience with Trust Auto Sales LLC and the owner Tod was exactly what I was looking for in purchasing a 2nd vehicle for my family!!! ...Couldn't have asked for more!!! ...Nice rides and great vibes!!!

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Anecia Jones - 2008 Kia Spectra

The owner (Tod Musto) was very willing to help me. The car was clean and so far has been a sweet ride. Thorough with paperwork and fast service. Thanks! If I need another car, I'll go to him first.

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Joe Womack - 2006 Ford Fusion

I went by here to look at a car they had. I could have never expected how nice and helpful Tod would be. He fixed a need instead of selling a product. If you need a vehicle, I'd tell anyone to come here.

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