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About Trust Auto Sales LLC

We will never pressure you into buying a car. We just won't. I understand this costs us a lot of sales in even a month's time.

I want to help change this industry from the pushy, low quality, uncaring industry it is today. A lot of dealerships share my vision, but most do not. If you feel pressured, or especially if you feel they aren't giving you all the information at a dealership, please see that as the red flag it is. Most dealerships will put on a kind face all the way up to the point they get your money. They will lie, cheat, and steal because they get away with it. 

I picture something different. The whole point of Trust Auto Sales(Murfreesboro, TN) is to add heart, transparency, and simplicity to an industry that is desperate for it. We are there for you, even if you explicitly say you have no interest in buying a car from us. We want to help bring to light everything that is hidden from you in this industry. 
If you find yourself wondering if a dealership is trying to take advantage of you, or you've never bought a car before and want insight on how everything works so you don't get taken advantage of, give us a call/email. You won't get a sales pitch, you'll find only help here.
Consider this my official mission statement, put out into the world. If you've read this far, please leave a comment below what your thoughts are. I listen to feedback carefully. 

I sure hope this works, I'm staking everything we own on it.

Tod Musto
Trust Auto Sales
Honest. Upfront. Simple.

Please Note: Due to the high volume of interest in our vehicles, and to keep all things fair, we cannot hold a vehicle without a cash deposit unless specifically stated otherwise due to special circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.
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